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A Lifetime in Textiles - 60 years and counting!

A light-hearted look at my life in textiles - from traditional techniques to contemporary constructions. I will take you on a journey which also includes my City & Guilds medals,  Lifetime Achievement Award and the M.A. I studied recently in Textiles.


Zoom presentation only

Japan: A Textile Journey

An entertaining and informative insight into my exploration of the traditional textile techniques of Japan.

Zoom presentation only

Shibori: the elements of surprise

The art of my Shibori dyed textiles.

Zoom presentation only

Colour for Textiles

An informative look at using colour in textiles for quilts. I will talk about colour values, combinations and also dyeing your own fabric to use in your work. I will take you on a journey through my work with a variety of fabrics, including those from Africa, Japan an elsewhere.

Zoom presentation only

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