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Quilters worldwide respond to COVID19

Responding to a crisis like COVID-19 takes creativity and ingenuity.

So stitchers worldwide - wherever you are - please join us to create a Virtual Log Cabin Quilt as a symbol of solidarity and co-operation. Here's how to join in.

  • Go to and download our simple log cabin block instructions.

  • Make your block using any fabrics you like. The centre must be yellow symbolising 'the light at the end of the tunnel'.

  • Take a digital photograph and upload it to the project at

  • Watch the virtual quilt go viral.

Conceived by textile artist and tutor Dionne Swift. Log cabin block instructions by Janice Gunner. Supported by The African Fabric Shop

Virtual Log Cabin quilt : work-in-progress : 6 April 2020

Virtual Log Cabin 104 - 6 Apr 2020 1000w
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