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Special Silk Collection 008

Special Silk Collection 008


100% silk kimono fabrics

Each collection is unique: there's only one, chosen by me.

  • Five pieces of genuine Japanese kimono fabrics - varying in texture, weave and colour.
  • Each piece is 38 x 50 cm, approximately.

These fabrics - all vintage and unused - are incredibly special. Originally destined for kimono that never got made, they’re perfect for extra special projects and gifts and look stunning used in wall hangings.

Some pieces are highly prized Oshima Tsumugi silk - fine kasuri/ikat weave, dyed in indigo or mud from Oshima Island.

  • Care

    Hand wash only in non-bio washing agent, gentle spin. Dry naturally. Do not tumble dry.

  • Using Silk Fabric

    To make softer, more drapey fabrics easier to handle for patchwork, I use lightweight iron-on interfacing.

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